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Over the years I have been successfully facilitating group CBT treatments, webinars and workshops. It wasn’t long before I got inspirited create evidence-based treatment programs which clients can access from the comfort of their homes without the need to wait for an appointment, to see or speak to anybody. If you are interested in learning clinically-proven skills to become your own therapist and to confidently rely on yourself in challenging situations, visit my website .

New Programs

Effective Goal Setting & Planning Skills

Achieve your personal or professional goals quickly and efficiently by following the 10 simple steps presented in this mini program. Apart from video guidance, you will receive printable worksheets to help you set and plan tasks successfully. Psychological guidance on increasing and maintaining a good level of motivation and commitment is also included.

Manage Anxiety & Worry MasterMind Program

Our unique 10-week skills training step-by-step program helps you learn and practice clinically-proven techniques for effective management of anxiety and worry. Each week you will be provided with a video guidance from a licensed therapist, an action plan, as well as printable worksheets that would help you implement your new knowledge and skills into your daily life.

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